Pour sa petite soeur....

Is she weird, is she white, is she promise to the night?
Just don't play with me and you won't get burned!
I have only one burning desire, let me get closer to you.

Night, the shadow of light,
Life the shadow of death.
Take a look inside, tell me what you see
There's someone there that shouldn't be.

What if I told you there was no place you could run to to hide from your fears?
Where good is bad and bad is good and all the tears you cry no one can hear?
Deep into the Darkness, peering, long I stand there wandering, fearing....
Doubing, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

You say you can't trust me? Have you tried?
You say you don't love me. That's a lie!!!

But before you gaze into the endless night
You must be prepare to face the Darkness that lies within you.

Won't you come and dance with the beautiful death?

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