Kidnapped, by Lady Vampirella
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They set upon you on your way out of the club. Seven of them. They were dressed in jeans and leather jackets, men up to no good. For all you knew, this could be just another though gang looking for "a good time" but you sensed that the "toy" was you. Truly, this had been an act of stupidity and carelessness on your part, to come here, in this corrupt, lawless part of the town, just because you wanted to forget, but nothing helped you to get your Lady out of your mind. Looking around you, you knew you did not have enough time to search for an escape route, and humans were near you, not enough to hide with them, but too many for you to show your fangs. Even though you sort of were defenseless, the five men surrounding you were very hesitant at first. You had no weapons, but there was a hard ruthlessness in your face. As if you would enjoy killing for the mere sport of it, and they saw it.

But they drew their weapons. Hand made small flame throwers and silver daggers. Shit! you could handle anything, but not that. Looking at the men, you realized that these men knew what you were. And as the leader would have spoken as to order his men to attack, you did not hesitate, you charged forward. Hitting the nearest man on the jaw, you felt his teeth cracked from the impact, and you smiled. Turning to face the others, it became apparent that either they were very clumsy or they weren't trying to kill you. Well that was their mistake! You slashed your fist on the back head of another one, knocking him cold. At that moment something smashed into your skull and you felt slowly to the ground, earring sirens in the distance.

Silence..... You open your eyes on a view of white silk. The room was well lit, the glow of candles on either side of you. You turn your head to find the door and pain slices through it. You still for a moment, closing your eyes and become aware of things without seeing. You are lying in a soft bed. A gag pulling at your lips, you are naked, but that does not alarm you. And then you feel the manacles on your wrists. You try to move one and hear the chains rattle and feel the tug and scale at your ankle. God, bound to yourself, and with silver chains. What the hell is going on? You open your eyes again, ready to ignore the pain in your head to see what you could of your prison. You lift your head - and see her at the foot of the bed - your Lady.

Holding the white silk curtains open, smiling, with only a white man's shirt on, too big for me, the sleeves rolled up to the elbows and only the third button from the top is done. Looking at you I read some sort of relief and surprise in your beautiful eyes, and so full of questions. Dropping your eyes down toward your gag, then at me again, you want me to remove it so you can speak. I shake my head slowly and your own drops back to the mattress so that you are no longer looking at me. Without a word, but softly smiling to myself, I walk around the bed and tie up the white silk curtains surrounding my bed. Your eyes follow me, not missing a move, and when my arms are extended, fixing the curtains to the bed posts, the motion opening my shirt, revealing my body to your eyes. In the corner of my eye, I see you twine and harden.

Your Lady...

Returning at the foot of the bed, I love you with my eyes, from your sweet toes, your poor ankles tied up, up along your legs, caressing you with my eyes, stopping to admire your manhood, licking my lips, then up to your chest where I love so much to cuddle, or to wet with my tears, your tasty flat nipples, ah your delightful neck, the adored face, then up to your arms lying over your head, your hands restrained by manacles, that sight hurt me but I drop my eyes to yours.


"God, I love you. Your are so beautiful". Moving to your right, I softly lay my finger on your leg and, light as a feather, glide it over you as I walk up to stand at your head. I feel you tremble and shiver.

Tenderly I kiss your forehead. At the same time the door opens and a woman enters. She is naked and terrified. She is a small woman, but with luscious curves. I watch you as you look at her, frowning and then you turn your glare to me.

"Ah ma chère, come, approach", I say leaving your side to join the woman. "Don't be afraid", I whisper to her, taking her shoulder from behind, guiding her to the bed. She lookes at you and then at me. "What", she says, "am I supposed to fuck him?" ... I laugh at that question as I sense the hope in her voice. Tenderly I brush her hair away from her neck, one hand stays on the back of her neck while other slides down to her beasts, teasing her nipples. "You would like that, n'est-ce pas?" She moans as I pinch one of her hard nipples. Your eyes following my every move. "Non ma chérie, the one who will be fucking him, as you so nicely say, is me. You are only needed for one thing."

Sensing the change in my voice, from hushing to a groan, she tenses, but I grab her hair, pulling her head back and sink my fangs in her throat. She twists, cries, even tries to break free from my embrace, but there is no escape from my deadly kiss. You watch me feed on her, you own hunger awakening, your desire increases as you smell the blood, you watch me take her essence into me. Her warm blood filling me, sensing it entering every particle of my being, given it life, fulfilling me with a sensation of pure ecstasy. But as I sense her death, I let go of her and her body slides to the grown. Without a word I return by your side...

The door opens and a guy, you recognize as the leader of those who attacked you, quietly takes the girl's body and leaves the room. Your eyes return to me, I see them gleam with desire. Without a word, I climb on you, sitting on your stomach, my bottom brushing the tip of your manhood, you could feel how moist I was, that made you harder, if possible. Caressing you with my hands, extending my body along yours, my breasts press to your chest, my fingers, playing with the hair on your chest, then up to your mouth. I pull the gag from your mouth. "It's about fucking time..", you start to say as I kiss you. My tongue looking for yours, I moan when your tongue meets mine. Kissing your jaw, your neck down to capture one of your flat nipple, playing, teasing it .... you grown, I can hear it echoing from deep inside, then back in a sitting position, I undo the only button of my shirt, slowly opening it. Giving you my breasts to look at. I watch as you lick your lips. "Baby, give them to me", you say in a deep whisper, almost pleading. I smile, then I let the shirt slip down and throw it on the floor. Taking my breasts in my hands, I massage them slowly, playing with the nipples making them hard and erect. Your glare is so intense that a flow of wetness escapes my slit, and you feel it on your stomach. your length resting against my derriere, "oh mon amour", licking my lips, one hand still playing with my breasts, the other one sliding down to my nest of curly hair, reaching for my clit. I begin masturbating myself, while you watch. Head back, my hips moving to the tempo as my fingers play with my soft moist lips. I climax. You feet it, it makes you so hard you feel like you're about to burst.

You're so dark...

"Mmmmmmm mon amour", licking my lips, I give you my sensual smile, "Now, what am I gonna do about .... you", and moving so that I'm kneeling between your legs, caressing your legs, up to your stomach, then softly I touch your erection. I could feel you inhale deeply, no words were necessary, but you watch as I kiss the tip, "You are délicieux mon coeur", then I lick from tip to end, end to tip, taking your testicles in my hand, I gently caress tongue snakes out to lick your balls, I put one in my mouth and play with it, one hand masturbating you and the other sliding back to caress your anus, "Ho Vamp love....please", was all you could say.

Smiling to myself I know you could not take to much of this and I want you to take your time to climax. So letting go of you, I climb along you, my breasts touching you all the way up. "Tell me, my Dark Love, do you want to suck on my breasts? oui?" I say teasing you, moving one nipple to your lips, you tongue snaking out to lick it. A shiver passes through me, sending a wave of pleasure all over me, grabbing my insides, sending yet another flow of my juices, getting ready for you. Then you suck as I press my breast on your lips, I can hear the noise made by the chains as you try to move your hands. "Love, I want to feel your tongue on my clit". I position myself to give you access of my femininity, I almost come when your tongue touches me, my nails biting your shoulders, leaving drops of blood. Licking, then sucking, you drive me in pure ecstasy.

"Stop mon chéri", I say moving away, sliding down your body, looking in your eyes, "je t'aime" I whispered as my lips kiss yours, tasting myself on you. "Now mon chéri, now I want you inside me, you want to be inside me, n'est-ce pas?" I ask already knowing the answer, for you were burning and your eyes tell me that you need release. So kissing and liking you, stopping at your nipples, I put your hardness at my wet, soft entrance. "Beloved, please, now!!" you say in a voice tortured with desire... slowly sliding down, feeling you filling me, head thrown back, back arched, breasts pushed forward, I stay like this, not moving, enjoying the pulsing of your penis inside me, but I felt you move, I smile and move my hips in a circular motion, slowly, then up and down, and circling again, you moving to my rhythm, than increasing, I take my breasts in my hands and play with them as your hips move with me, moving my hips, impaling myself on you, faster, the orgasm building in me, my hands gripping your stomach, nail scratching, "mmmm Dark Love... ooouuiiii", holding you with my thighs. With two fingers, I open my wet lips and thumb my clit. I masturbate while trusting myself on you faster and faster... "Oooohhh Dark Love, ouuuiii mon amour", my body shakes when the orgasm hits me, so intense that all goes black around me, my muscles contracting around your pulsing length, eyes closed I hear your deep growl as your release hits you. Leaning on you, I bite one of your nipples to take a few drop of your red nectar, then crawl up to give you full access to my throat. You bite in a swift movement, a small groan escapes your lips when my vitae enters you.

Drifting into sleep, I hear from far away the rattle of chains. Softly smiling, I feel your arms surround me, gently caressing me and holding me.

Lady of the Night,


   Come, approach

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