My Embrace - by Lady Vampirella


My Embrace Logo - Art by Luis Royo

The Chamber is not large, though not small either. A single candle casts a subdued light. A bed sits in the centre of one wall, white silk curtains closed about it. A wooden chest sits at the foot of the bed. A fire-place, where a small fire is burning, covers a part of the wall facing the bed. There is a French-style window where you can see the night sky, framed by hanging strips of white silk. Two high-backed chairs sit by a small round table with a painted ceramic vase containing a dozen of red roses in it. The only sound is the cracking of burning wood and, apart from the candle, the fire is the only light in the room. It is making the shadows dance.

Carefully, you walk to the bed, and draw back the curtains enough to lean inside....but it's empty. As you are about to turn, I softly circle my cold arms around your waist and lean on you, whispering,

"Bonsoir mon chéri."

You go very still, but at the sound of my voice and the feeling of my arms, you relax and turn to face me. The first thing you notice are my eyes, stormy grey, glittering even though my back is turned to the fire. You cannot see any reflection in them. My hair, long and white as the rays of the Mother moon; my white silk night-gown barely hides my white skin, a sculpture of delicate snow flakes.

"So, here you are mon chéri, finally you are mine. Oui, as you can see, the night took away my colour. Cold? Yes I am so cold...No, do not touch me mon amour. My skin is too cold for you to touch. I did not feed tonight. Tonight it's only you. Give me your hand mon chéri."

As I take your hand, I feel you shiver from my cold touch.

"Cold isn't it? But let me warm up a bit, only a few drops will do.....for now". I lick your wrist, lustfully, then bite it. You draw in your breath, your sweet blood is warming me. I only take a little , then I lick the two small punctures and they vanish. Before you can speak, I delicately press my finger on your sweet lips.    

"Shhhh, non mon chéri, do not say anything. I will tell you every thing you want or need to know but not tonight. This night is special for you and me, no need for words, not yet." As I speak, I am taking off your shirt, and putting my hands on your chest to feel your heart beat. My touch is warm now; Your blood warmed me.

"Such a beautiful sound, the beat of your heart. It's beating very fast." I kiss you where my hands were. My hands are moving slowly over your shoulders, moving down to your chest, across your stomach, up your arms and then down, placing them on the top of your pants. As I undo your pants, my lips are retracing the path my hands had made, pressing hot kisses across your chest and stomach, stopping briefly at your navel and licking it. Then I pull down your pants and throw them away. As you look down on me, my lips capture the tip of your arousal. You barely catch your breath as I start to move up your body with my tongue. Standing up, I bring you to the bed. I press you down upon it.

"Now put your hands behind your head, mon amour, and do not move them.... try not to move them." Standing by the bed, I smile down on you. I let my night-gown slide down to my waist, exposing my breasts, the nipples hard and erect just for your hungry gaze. I let the rest slide down to the floor revealing a dark triangle, where a part of me is hiding, ready to welcome you. As you lay there fully aroused, I climb on the bed to be just beside you, but we're not touching.

"Now chéri, you relax. Let yourself go and enjoy. I want to feel you....all of you." My voice is a soft purr. I shift my position on the bed so that I am sitting. You move your hands so they are by your side, balling up the sheets with your fists. You open your eyes just a little to look at me; I smile softly at you.

"There now, be at ease. Do not worry, I'm not going to do things you do not want me to. Now just let yourself feel...." I lean forward slowly, my gaze locked with yours, and kiss your chest. I flick the tip of my tongue against your flat nipple while my hand reaches for your manhood. I curl my fingers around it, squeezing lightly, gently. I feel you move in my hand. My tongue is making a line from one nipple to the other.

    I move lower on the bed again, sitting near your knees. "You are such an exciting man, mon chéri," I whisper, my breath warm over the inflamed tip of your arousal. I kiss you then, quickly, softly, with my right hand resting lightly upon your stomach. I feel you suck in your breath. I put my tongue on you, and taste your manhood, a sigh of pleasure escapes your lips. I lick you from bottom to tip, stoping at the top to lick the little drop. I play with your little hole as my left hand squeezes your testicles, then my lips close around it and I suck hard, my tongue playing with you.

Then I crawl up you, my breasts pressing against you, my hands caressing you. Reaching between our bodies, I take your manhood, positioning it as I raise my hips until at last the crown of your desire is pressing lightly against my moist entrance - You look at me, your body tense, ready for me, and I begin lowering myself upon you, feeling the length of your manhood pushing into me, filling me deeply. Heat and moisture welcome you. I begin to move very slowly, and then with increasing and quickening tempo. Up and down I move my pelvis; the motion of my breasts as I raise and lower my hips catches the attention of your hands, and you firmly squeeze them. A pure shiver of delight runs through me as you play with my hard nipples. Then you move your hands to my bottom, guiding my movements.

I lean forward just enough so that the aroused tips of my breasts brush against your chest each time I impale myself on you. And then I lose all control. I drop onto you, my hips jerking back and forth with my knees pulled up and squeezing your ribs. I shiver as the orgasm hits me, powerfully, it seems that I am going to explode from pleasure. When the spasms subside I look at you and smile. Softly you say,

"My turn."

You begin moving beneath me. Each time I think I have your rhythm down, you change it slightly, and occasionally you seem to enter me from a different angle. You grab my breasts as your hips constantly increase the tempo.

I whispered softly, "Let it come mon chéri." You thrust into me, harder and deeper than before. Then with a passionate groan of ecstasy you have your release.

As I sense your orgasm, I strike you with my deadly kiss. My fangs rake across your throat and pierce the skin. A blaze of heat; Rapture. I lick at your essence as it pours from you, and begin to drink.

How can I express the horror of the Embrace? The fear? The Pain? The terror?

Mercifully, as humans we do not remember the pain of our birth. But as kindred, it's an experience you never forget......Never.

How can I describe the experience of being hurled into this cursed half-life?

Your senses spin into the night; nothing is solid. You are falling into the Abyss; if Hell exists you are there now. Your life is slipping away; darkness surrounds you as you moan; you leave this world of pain. You are floating, leaving your body behind. You know this is Death and you don't care. It is calm here; you are at peace.

HEAT! PAIN! Abruptly you are being pulled back. Your mouth fills with liquid fire; the Essence is burning your throat, gripping your stomach. A thousand fish-hooks tear your flesh in every direction. You pray for the torment to stop - you cannot even lapse from consciousness. You know but one thing - You must drink to Live. A hot liquid caresses your mouth. Like an animal you grab my wrist and suck at the life flow; it's filling you. The pain become ecstasy. Such exquisite agony.

We become One.

With a cry you reach for the source of Life, but it is gone. As you look at me, your Sire, you know but one thing - Blood is All, Blood is Life. All else is discarded except for the Hunger. In the place where your Soul used to reside, now lay the Beast.

Welcome to the Darkness my Childe.

Lady of the Night,


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