The Club - by Lady Vampirella


My Embrace Logo - Art by Luis Royo

Standing in a corner, a glass of red wine in her hand, she had a view of the room. Human enjoying themselves. She could feel the beating of they hearts, different beat, their sound all together was like an orchestra to her ears. But the smell of blood, was exquisite, mix with the salty smell of sweat, she felt her Beats arouse in her, the predator searching for his prey. She shake herself, she were not here to hunt. Woman, many very beautiful, looking at her, some with fear, some with cold eyes, but she just ignored them, they are just a herd for her. Men were hunting, she smiled, yes this is a hunting ground for them, looking for a female to satisfy their sexual impulses, some men were passing her, inviting her with their eyes. All that she notice, but she is searching for her beloved.

Then she felt him entering the room, she found him with her eyes, and followed his every moves, doing as the other human does, got himself a drink. Women smiling at him, some even brush their breasts on him as they passes, but she see him ignoring them as he taste the air. A smell that he recognize, a slow smile form on his lips as he looked around the room, searching, trying to find where the smell come from. In her corner, she smiled, then moving so softly and so fast the human eyes saw nothing, maybe just a trick of the shadow. Out of nowhere, she appear before him, her red lips forming a smile that left him speechless.   


"Bonsoir Monsieur, do we know each other?" she enquired, her voice low, teasing, with a hint of french accent. Playing a game in front of the humans watching them.

"I do not think so, my Lady", he answered, smiling, bending over her hand to kiss it and discovered that her skin was fine as silk, and warm.

"Lady Vampirella", she replied, her faint accent making her name like a long caress with a small graceful gesture, she nodded towards the dancers, then turned from him and walked away towards them, confident that he would follow her.

He felt in step behind her, feeling like a pup in his first pursuit of love's wild passion. His daring handsome Lady had effortlessly made a youth of him, but she had also made him very hard. His state of high arousal was surely visible to all around him, but though it bothered him not. As the dance progressed he longed to press himself against her. His swollen member seemed to seek her female heat. The Lady perfume was like a dancing musky cloud that hung around them. It filtered into his brain and charge is mind with exciting images, debauchery, frenzied, bestial coupling.

He imagined himself naked and stretched out over the Lady's smooth white body, her firm breasts jutting upward against his chest. And when under cover of the fast-moving dance, her lips touched his throat for just one second, he moaned and fought to breath, his senses reeling. It had been but a brief contact, yet incredibly he felt her serpent tongue all over him, she was tasting him, savouring his skin and its hot manly flavour. No part of his anatomy escaped her, no secret was left unexamined. Her proximity overpowered him and snapped his will. Half out of his mind, and unable to resist her, he imagined her lapping his belly and his privates. Her long devious tongue would wind seductively around his member, finding new areas of near-painful sensitivity. It was difficult to believe that they were still on the dance floor. In his dreams they were somewhere mating like wild wolves, and his knees betrayed him.

"Shall we take air, my Lord?", she murmured, then she led him towards the back door leading into a small garden.

Within seconds, all his lustful prayers were answered. Her red mouth plundered his, her tongue darting into it and exploring, while her sure hands led his beneath her skirt. Through her lace pantie, he felt a nest of crisp curls, then folded flesh rendered slippery by her juices. She was a furnace, a pool of liquid satin, and her soft membranes flickered beneath his touch. Almost numb with delight, he describe a small movement with his fingertip, and was rewarded by a savage growl of pleasure.

"Pleasure me, my Lord", she demanded, rocking and swaying, "Put your fingers inside me, before I faint". Delirious he obeyed her, his nose and mouth filled with her spicy, rising vapours. Through what appeared to be a haze, he saw her beautiful face slackened by lust. Somehow she had released her breasts, her nipples were erects and hard.


"My Lord!", she cried, her voice vibrating as her nectar wet his hand. "Enter me! I crave it!". He pushed a finger, then a second inside her and her whole body shuddered, then bore down. "Fill me my Lord", she moaned, her teeth nipping at his neck, "Give me more!". He bore in with three fingers, and then she keened like a she-wolf in full heat. "Oui my Lord, oui, hummm my Lord, I cum my love, oui...", she shrieked. The silky product of her rapture drenched his palm.

Only seconds later, she were down on her knees before him, her nails ripping at his pants to free his member. As soon as he was liberated, she laughed wildly and plunged forward, wrapping her lips around his tortured rod. He experienced an enclosure so sublime. The throat he was buried in seemed to swallow him whole he realised, and her sharp teeth were pressing perilously against his shaft. "Lady I beg you", he groaned, half in terror, half in ecstasy, his body thrilled to greater hardness by the danger. Her only answer was to reach in and grip his ball-sac adding another layer of sensations. He buried his fingers in her hair, trying desperately to control her, but couldn't prevent her from engulfing him even deeper, and sucking him harder, her tongue playing with the tip of his hard penis, her left hand on his testicles, right hand masturbating him as she swallow him was pure torture. Abruptly, he reached his peak, his pleasure intensify as he felt her suck his semen in her. Tonight is Lady wanted everything. All of him. With his last spasm, he howled at the make his mate smile and laugh. Then taking her face between his hands, he bring her to him, kiss her eyes, her lips and lowly kiss his way to her throat. In a swift movement he bite down to take in him the sweet essence of his beloved.

Lady of the Night,



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