OK, this is our english site.

Santa Bartelemia is a FUNNY all-quake (games ?) clan (yeah, as you can see our site design is really amusing, huh huh).

SB was created... hum... my poor memory... half 1996 is probably the good date. By the way, we are one of the 3 oldest clan in France (with FragOnards and FSC). Nobody knows who was the first, but this is not very important... ;o)

I (Nurgle) was the first member, and also the leader of this group. But "leader" is a very big word... OK I'm just the webmaster, coach and I burn the sausages when we have barbecues.

SB includes a lot of differents levels to different games... some of us are coming from FSC, and some from nothing.

We are a chaotic clan, with no rules and no leader.

Tout ici est copyright Santa Bartelemia jusqu'Ó la fin des temps, dans d'Útranges ÚternitÚs, Ó travers l'espace et les plans vibratoires divers. Voler du texte ou du design de cette page, c'est mal.